A Guide On The Benefits Of Having Plants At Home

We see them every day. We nourish and nurture them. We are talking about plants. From indoor spaces to gardens, they grace us all day long with their beauty. However, Did you know that green blooming plants have benefits to offer? Yes, the Tulsi in your verandah has healing properties, and the green plant with white lilies in your dining room purifies the air. 

Much more than beauty, plants are avowed for their myriad benefits. It is also one of the significant reasons why people search and buy plants online and from nurseries, in abundance.

Now, let’s have a look at the miraculous benefits of plants.

  1. Cleanses and Purifies The Atmosphere: Pollution levels are on the rise. Even indoors, we inhale toxic gases and pollutants emitted from their surroundings. Pollution is detrimental for skin, hair, and majorly for health. Having plants at home is the best way to breathe fresh air. Yes, some plants like peace lily, rubber plant, snake plant, spider plant are air-purifying. These filter the environs of toxicity and notorious gases like xylene, carbon dioxide, nitrogen; thus oxygenating the surrounding air. 
  2. Heals and Soothe Wounds: Nature is the world’s best healer. Look around yourself, and you will find remedies for various wounds and diseases. You do not have to step out because you have the solution at home, plants. Remember, this is how your Grandma used to treat you. Aloe Vera plant is beneficial for skin disorders; the Holy Tulsi is used to treat respiratory ailments, and Rosemary helps in healing scalp diseases. 
  3. Proven Feng Shui Benefits: Yes, plants are known to have Feng Shui benefits. There are different Feng Shui  plants online such as Lucky Bamboo, Money Plant, Pachira, etc. Money plant is a harbinger of wealth and fortune. Each stalk of Lucky Bamboo represents a meaning such as two-layered bamboo is for love. Three-layered bamboo brings happiness, wealth, and long life. 
  4. Mental Happiness and Wellbeing: Have you ever observed why you feel happy around plants? It is because plants are good for mental happiness and wellbeing. This is backed by scientific research. Plants have a significant effect on the stress levels; thus helping one to remain calm and relaxed. Philodendron, Lavender, Dracena are well-known plants for mental happiness and wellbeing. 
  5. A Boost To Physical Health: Not just mental health, but plants are great for physical health. Give your immunity system the much-needed boost by bringing plants home. Strong immunity is the best defensive mechanism against flu and viruses. Stop tossing immunity building pills and start embracing plants for greater immunity. Chrysanthemums and Dracaena plants are avowed for immunity boosting powers. 
  6. Enjoy Serene Atmosphere: Urbanites will agree that we live in highly noisy environments. Serenity seems to be elusive for urban dwellers. But, you no longer have to wander from place to place in search of peace, if you decorate your living space with plants. Several pieces of research reveal that plants can absorb, diffract, and reflect background noise, thereby making the surroundings peaceful and comfortable.  

Embrace Nature for health, beauty, and wondrous benefits.