Landscaping Design Tips For Homeowners

The responsibility of owning a home doesn’t merely extend to the building itself.  The house and the land on which it sits is all yours to maintain and enjoy.  

It benefits you to invest in the interior and the exterior areas of your property, as it builds easy equity in your home.  If you’re looking for things to fill your time during quarantine, home improvement is a great way to upgrade your life.  

Take a moment now to focus on the land around your home, and check out a quick look at some landscaping design tips that will instantly boost the curb appeal of your property.  

Add an outdoor patio/deck area

Adding a patio or deck space to your home extends the usable square footage and boosts the value of the property.  Not to mention, people love to see a gorgeous deck.  Provide a space for a high-quality propane grill, and let the celebrations begin.  

Strategically plant some trees 

It’s always good for the environment to plant a tree.  In fact, the U.S. has a day devoted to trees.  Celebrate Arbor Day in your own front yard, and strategically plant a few trees.  

Trees are great for shading the home.  Avoid placing your new tree in a place where it may grow up to the power lines.  

Get the flower garden going

A gorgeous flower garden will help make your neighborhood look like a million bucks.  When every home in the neighborhood has great curb appeal, property values tend to move in the upward direction.  Now is a great time to get your perennials in the ground.  

Fertilize the lawn for lush growth

The flowers and trees are one thing, but you need a luscious green lawn to host their glory.  Patchy or dead grass makes it look like you don’t properly tend to your property, and it could drive down the selling price when it’s time to move on.  Spend time spreading fertilizer and making sure your grass is properly cared for.  

Clear out any debris around the house

Do your best to keep random debris from making its home in your yard.  Old cars, trash, or deadfall from trees make your land look unkempt and less valuable.  It’s important to allow the natural beauty of your land to shine.  

Pressure wash the outside of the home

The outside of your home goes through a lot of different weather throughout the year, and it can sometimes get to looking pretty shabby.  A simple pressure wash can make all the difference in the aesthetic of your home’s exterior.  

In most places, you won’t have to purchase a pressure washer to get the job done.  You can typically rent a pressure washer for a day without paying much for the machinery.