Composite doors – The growth in popularity in the housing market

Composite doors

When you look at market trends in housing, then has been a lot of change over the last decade. More and more people are also now looking to renovate properties as a means of making money through renting out. One key growth has been in composite doors, which are fast becoming a must have necessity of new properties, such as the leading one in the market by Truedor. These are a luxury product as such and have a large number of key benefits, which is why they have been so popular since their release.

Composite doors continue to increase in popularity each year, in which they also continue to bring out new products, styles, colours and there is now a new glass option available.

So what are they?

Composite doors are made from a number of materials including timber, glass reinforced plastic and uPVC. Each material helps to result in the final product, making it the strongest door currently available on the market. The doors were made in order to tackle the problems that come with single-material doors. They offer a tough and robust door.

What are the key benefits?

What is key about Composite doors is that they provide excellent security, whilst also enhancing weatherproofing. They can be tailored to the exact needs of the customer, with a vast array of choice. This includes different colours, woodgrain effects, textures and finishes, so you can create a unique composite door for your property.

Composite doors are all about quality and are very low maintenance in comparison to previous doors on the market. They are extremely resistant to weathering, which means you will not have to worry about the constant cost of upkeep on the door, which has been a problem in the past with other products.


Security is the most important aspect of any door and even more so when it is for the family home. Composite doors are fitted with high security multi point locking systems as standard. These are also designed with a dog bolt system added to ensure an even higher level of security. A dog bolt system involves two sets of triple hinge bolts that secure the door frame and helps to protect further against intruders. If you are still looking for that extra added security, then you can add a split spindle to enhance this further. This means the composite door will lock to the latch and will then require a key to unlock it from the outside.