Finding the Perfect Spot to Mount Your TV Screen


The best view of your TV at home depends on multiple factors. One of them is the spot where you mount your TV. The perfect spot will allow for comfort while watching, no matter the place in the room where you are sitting. You should enjoy watching TV from a comfortable position. Here are some tips to get the best spot to mount your TV.

Take measurements

The first thing should be to take measurements of your screen. This will include the frame of the TV. This can be done best using cardboard or stiff paper. Make a cut out of the same size for the best results. Do not estimate the measurements; ensure they are precise.


Using the cut out of the TV size you now have, use it to find the perfect spot. Get the cut out and place it on the wall, at different spots. Try out different spots on your wall and ceiling. Hold the cut out on the wall using tape, consider using painter’s tape. This will give you a rough idea of how the TV will appear while on the wall.

Light Placement

When mounting a TV on the wall, consider your light placement. For some positions the view can be affected by glare. This makes the view uncomfortable since it is unclear. Consider the placement, depending on the lighting in the room, for the best view. You can ensure clear and optimal viewing by choosing the right TV mount at

Cover all angles

Using the board/paper on your wall to represent your TV, ensure to cover every angle, especially the favourite spots where you enjoy watching TV from. Sit, walk, and stand to determine if your placement is at the right spot. Ensure that you pay attention if there is any strain on your neck while viewing. This is typically when the TV is mounted too high.

Eye level

When mounting your TV screen, consider an eye-level position when sitting. This is to ensure that you are comfortable. For the best spot, go for approximately 40 to 45 inches from the ceiling. However, consider the TV screen size, because some can be really big.

Power outlets

Considering the power outlet is another factor that will affect the spot for your TV mount, since trailing power cables can be unattractive, and potentially dangerous.

Finding the perfect spot for your TV mount can be easy with the right tips. Ensure to get the best mounting for your TV, too. This is to avoid accidents or damage. Ask for help from a professional if you want to get the best results, since they have the best tools. Above all, they are well experienced in handling TV mountings.