How to Make an Outdoor Cinema

Outdoor living is the new thing this season and where better to start than creating the ultimate, cosy outdoor environment for you and your guests this Summertime.  Be the host this Summer in your own back garden cinema. If there is one thing worth your investment this year, it’s the outdoor cinema space. You will certainly thank yourself later when you’re snuggled up, enjoying popcorn and drinks with your friends and family. 


You really want to invest in pure comfort here, we’re talking blankets, bean bags, throws, scatter cushions and a padded ground sheet to protect from any hard lumps, rocks, bumps, and moisture! You can consider some low-down outdoor tables to hold your drinks and snacks to enjoy through the movie and to add to the aesthetic appeal to your outdoor cinema. 


There’s no outdoor cinema with no projector. If you’re unsure of where to begin to search for the best product for your outdoor cinema, you can take a look at Just Projectors. When choosing a projector, you need to consider the amount of light it emits, particularly when purchasing for an outdoor space. The lighter and brighter the image and the better experience for you and your guests outside. 


The best screen for outdoor use is a portable, floor pull up screen. Take into consideration your audience size. If you’ve got a larger audience, you’ll need a large screen and depending on the space you have in the garden, you may need to take some measurements. Additionally, a floor pull up screen has the added benefit of adjustable feet for uneven ground and the best view in the house! 

Image Credit: Just Projectors 

Outdoor Décor 

To really set the scene for your outdoor cinema, purchase some fairy lights to add subtle touches of ambience for the ultimate outdoor living experience. If you wanted to take it a touch further, you can add a fire pit for extra warmth and ambience. A British Summer evening just isn’t quite warm enough to sit outside with no source of heat, so this is a perfect solution to keep you warm and cosy, not to mention the perfect outdoor accessory when setting up a garden cinema. 

Depending on how much you want to spruce up your garden, you could even tackle the fences with a paint pot to add a crisp finishing touch to your Summer garden cinema experience. Your guests will feel so welcomed into your brand-new garden and the experience will be so enjoyable for all. 

Preparing a Feast

No outdoor cinema experience is complete without preparing a feast. Using the small tables you’ve provided, you can look at creating your own grazing board, the ultimate snack for any cinema night in the back garden. No snack is complete without a drink and one lovely way to surprise your guests is by creating your own drinks from jam jars, labelling them with everybody’s name and setting them out nicely on display. Before you know it, you’ve got the perfect evening set up for your guests or a cosy date night this Summer.