Why Are Luxury Homes Now Using Concrete Companies?

Luxury homes are steering more and more towards concrete homes. This may be a surprise to many. Concrete homes have been popular in Europe for hundreds and hundreds of years. They have now made their way over to America and have been on the rise for popularity ever since.


More luxury homes are now using concrete companies, especially in Montreal. There is a reason our Montreal concrete company is getting more and more inquiries. Keep reading as we share these reasons with you below. We will also talk about the different kinds of concrete people are using to build these homes (yes, there are more than one!).


Many people think of concrete as dark, damp, perhaps it has a small to it. The fact is is that it can stand up to extreme weather conditions. Whether that is heat in the summer or the coldest of winters. Even with the growing pollution, concrete can withstand a lot!


There are many different types of concrete that are being used to build houses. Keep reading to find out more about each kind.


Firstly, concrete blocks are very popular. These are the rectangular blocks that are the most traditional and the most widely used during the building system. These have become very popular in Florida where they have many hurricanes and need to protect their homes against them. Today, blocks can help improve insulation and actually be a very cost-effective option.


Another great option is panel systems. There are two different types: tilt-up concrete and precast concrete. Precast concrete is in the home’s exterior walls around the opening and is actually produced at a concrete plant. They are attached right at the foundation and are joined to each other.


Next, insulating concrete forms can be used. This is when concrete is poured into permanent forms. These forms are made of insulating material. They are either interlocking blocks, planks or panels. If you use planks or panel, they are then interconnected with plastic or metal ties. Blocks with grooves are interlocked together.


The last type of concrete that is being used is autoclaved aerated concrete. This has mainly been popular in Europe and has only more recently made its way to America. This material was used in the New American Home which was featured in the 2008 International Builders’ Show in Florida. It is a mix of air-tight and non-organic material. Once applied, the concrete expands and entraps small air pockets. This makes it a very lightweight material and outcome.


Now that we have discussed what kind of concrete people like creating their luxury homes from, now we are going to discuss the reasons why people really do love concrete homes. There are more reasons than you think.


Like discussed earlier, concrete homes are durable and can save you money. Homeowners have been able to find a way to design their home to look similar to a wood-frame home, but with the added benefits of picking concrete.


Although concrete typically is more expensive at the beginning than a wood frame home, it is worth it in the long term. If you live in one of the southern states, concrete homes are great because they are better for places in warmer climates. The concrete inside of the foam adds thermal mass to your home. In addition, it cuts most outdoor noise out.


You may be wondering how long concrete can last for? It’s not only luxury homes that are switching to concrete. It’s any kind of buildings. People are seeing how long they are lasting and that is one of the main reasons for the switch. In some instantly they are not, but concrete building that was put up 200 years ago are still holding up strong. Since a lot of construction is mass produced now, many buildings and houses are not being made with concrete and are being made with cheaper material that won’t last as long.


ICF’s are the tradition concrete wall system. This has caused the most explosive growth by using the insulating concrete forms for building both foundations and above-grade walls. These stay in place perfectly and are easy to install.


There are more benefits to ICFs than people realize. When people hear all of the benefits they typically start doing more research to find out all of them. Firstly, they are lightweight and easy to put up. This means that is will save you on labor costs because they go up so fast. The forms stay in place which means the process of putting them up can be done in as little as one day. The insulating forms are protecting the concrete making it better for colder temperatures.


One final large reasons why concrete is so beneficial is because it is good for the environment. So many people are wanting to “go green”, and for good reason! Concrete is an environmentally friendly building material. Green building involves so many different aspects to the home. A green home typically consumes almost everything less. It is also healthier for the people living inside of it. This is able to be achieved by utilizing concrete and ICFs.


Now you probably understand a little better why luxury homes are now using concrete companies. There are not only wonderful options out there, but they can be a lot more durable than traditional materials. The United States is following in Europe’s history and Americans are loving it. For more information on concrete homes, contact us today!